PPP Rolls out to more chiefdoms

The People’s Planning Process(PPP) is an inclusive process,leading to community-owned plans for recovery,peace building and development platforms. It has gained momentum especially in districts that have been piloted for the past five years.The process is participatory and involves community members and stakeholders to identify their needs and work towards achieving them through their own efforts.



After piloting the process in three districts(Kailahun,Koinadugu and Moyamba) for the past five years,it is prudent that communities could work together provided a space is created to achieve whatever they want for the development of their various areas


One  of the outcomes of the PPP is the provision of chiefdom development plan which consists of all village activity plans aggregating into sectional and finally chiefdom activity plan.At the end of each chiefdom development plan,the document is presented to Local hHCouncil to popularize it and help advocate or lobby to partners for assistance as the case may be. Community members also do not sit and wait but work towards these plans by putting together their own little local resources

Peace Mothers in a meeting

Over the years,activity plans of most chiefdoms have been pursued.Activities of peace mothers and mediation services provided by the Community Welfare and Mediation Committees have added value to the peace building efforts in the country.

This year,more chiefdoms in Fambul Tok operational districts are part of the People’s Planning Process.

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Solomon Yarjoh is the Communications Director for the Fambul Tok program in Sierra Leone.
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