Fambul Tok Donates Covid safety materials to communities

         Fambul Tok donates Covid 19 safety materials to Communities

Fambul Tok, with support from the Africa Transitional Justice Legacy Fund (ATJLF) has rallied to the clarion call of the president of Sierra Leones to join in the fight against Covid 19 by distributing safety materials such as Veronica buckets, bowls, cakes of soap and face masks to different communities in the country.

Distribution of items
in Kailahun

Receiving the items in Kailahun, a member of the Inclusive District Committee, who is also representing Fambul Tok at the Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) in Kailahun Samuel Borbor Vandi said: Fambul Tok played a very big during Ebola period and again it has joined the fight against Covid 19 in the country.

Samuel Borbor Vandi went on to state that the fight against the pandemic requires everyone’s effort and therefore the Government has called on civil society organizations in the country to come onboard.

safety materials

A member of the EOC in Kailahun who doubles as the Development and Planning Officer, Kailahun District Council, Adu Vandi Kondorvoh said the intervention of Fambul Tok is timely for the fact that the district has started registering cases of the disease, and with consistent handwashing practices in communities, the chain of transmission will be curtailed.

Team Lead Fambul Tok in Kailahun District, Lucia Brima had this to say: Our organization’s support to communities will go a long way to safe guard our people from the disease. As we distribute the items, we will also convey messages on how to prevent someone from contracting the disease and remain safe.

In Koinadugu District, Paramount Chief of Wara Wara Yagala, Gbawuru Mansaray was overwhelmed when he was presented with some of the items. He said he has no doubt in the organization as it played a great role towards Ebola few years back. He cautioned communities to use the items judiciously to prevent them from contracting the virus.

Peace Mothers District Coordinator, Koinadugu, Hawa Conteh said as most communities in the district are vulnerable, the items will help  protect people from contracting the disease as long as they comply with measures relating to safety.

Customized Peace Mothers soap

In Moyamba, a member of the Inclusive Committee, Gerald Foday said the distribution of the items will help prevent communities from contracting the virus. He said it takes courage and efforts for any organization to engage communities at this crucial moment.

Working in communities is good but it is also very important to walk along them in crisis period so that you are part of them and your presence is always felt’, Gerald stressed.

District Coordinator, Emergency Operations Centre, Moyamba, Hon. Joseph Kaindor was grateful to Fambul Tok when he was briefed on the roles the organization continues to play in the district and the country as a whole. He called on other organizations in the District to emulate good examples of Fambul Tok in walking alongside communities especially in turbulent times.

Paramount Chief of Kaiyamba, Foday Momoh Gulama appreciated the efforts of Fambul Tok. He said “this is the type of effort we want to see in communities”

Regent Chief of Fakunya, Chief Jola, was full of joy as all of the communities benefitted from the items. He said “ even though I am new here but I have been briefed on the activities of Fambul Tok in Fakunya chiefdom. I heard about the Fakunya chiefdom plan launched in 2015,this is really good initiative by the organization to include communities in development processes”.

Also, Peace Mothers in various districts are re-doubling their efforts to produce sanitized soap towards handwashing practices in the country.


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Solomon Yarjoh is the Communications Director for the Fambul Tok program in Sierra Leone.
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