Empowering Moyamba Contact people

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Group work

Group work

Before adventuring in Moyamba District, Fambul Tok staff trained selected local leaders — Contact people (The name Fambul Tok gives them). The training ensures Fambul Toks success in the District, especially in the various Chiefdoms that make up the district. Moyamba District is divided into 14 Chiefdoms and each Chiefdom is comprised of numerous Sections. Although Fambul Tok aims to facilitate reconciliation at the sectional level, we still need entry points in the District.

The selection process takes about two weeks. First, the District Coordinator (a Fambul Tok staff) notifies and informs the Paramount Chief from each Chiefdom about the training and to nominate prospective candidates to represent the Chiefdom. Second, the District Coordinator goes around the District to ensure the people nominated are the right ones. Fambul Tok encourages an array of people to engage in the reconciliation process — women, youths, offenders, and victims. Each District had two representatives to partake in the training.

It was a week long training which focused on several issues — Trauma Healing, Communication, Fambul Tok, and Reconciliation. Below are some pictures from the workshop:

Participants engaging in activity

Participants engaging in activity

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Robert Roche is a Field Program Officer for Fambul Tok International.
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